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We have been helping entrepreneurs to make a wise decision while investing in dairy sector since 1990.We pioneered the concept of training for dairy entrepreneurship in 2005 and since then have enrolled thousands of participants and converted a few hundreds of them.


Mr. Kuldeep Sharma

Hello Life-dreamers,
Welcome to my online learning program, “Dairy Entrepreneurship Development”.

Firstly accept my compliments and gratitude for being such a thoughtful leader of your life. You are a true captain of your body mind and intellect and above all a brave soul.

You are one amongst billions of others on this universe because you have decided to take the path which very few had dared to traverse. You are trying to come out of your conditioned mind and challenging the status quo. This is what make you different from others.

Congratulations on your decision to invest in one of the most structured program on developing dairy entrepreneurship for both setting up a dairy cattle farm or a mini dairy plant. You may have to join both the courses in case your plan is to set up a farm and process farm fresh milk into products also.

The program contains six modules and details could be understood by viewing the video. First module is a 360 degree evaluation of your capabilities , passions and aspirations. This is done to qualify you as a right fit for dairy industry or not. To be more precise our diagnostic will help you understand whether dairy and you are made for each other or not ,atleast at this stage of life.

The whole program is for 12 weeks out of which we shall be spending two weeks for evaluation depending upon how swiftly you respond back. You will be informed about the fees structure of the balance program after you qualify for it.

So again, welcome to this unique self development program to charge your entrepreneurship spirit with lots of inspiration, knowledge and insights.

With much appreciation, respect and encouragement,
Your avid follower and dairyguru.

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